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Welcome to the The Studio Sewickley. A wellness studio based on the philosophy of Joseph Pilates and The BarreAmped Method. The Studio is committed to helping each client achieve their goals. We specialize in a fitness regimen that incorporates mind, body, strength, stretch, control and balance. 

Our instructors specialize in body renewing through an extensive range of Pilates training services including private, semi-private, trio and quad equipment sessions along with group mat. All instructors are certified in Pilates and hold a specialized certification in BarreAmped, a barre class based on therapeutic stretch, pilates and yoga.

Isometric holds and small controlled movements are the key to Barre method class. Specific stretching follows each muscle group that is worked. There is a emphasis placed on posture and positioning with the fast results of feeling stronger. The instructors at The Studio have been certified by Suzanne Bowen, Master Trainer, DVD fitness star, and creator of the BarreAmped Method. We look forward to helping each client become rejuvenated, stronger, leaner and more flexible in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor." -Joseph Pilates

Weather: If weather conditions get in the way of your studio class please check the website for cancellations.

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